2014 Piano Concerto Winners List

Robert Turner Piano Concerto Competition

Junior Division
ages 14 & under(as of February 1, 2014)
MOZART: Piano Concerto in B-flat Major, K. 450

Movement I: MEG CHEN, age 14
(student of Sharon Lipman)

Movement II: CLARA HASLOP, age 11
(student of Robert Thies)

Movement III (tie): RUFUS BORDAL, age 13
(student of Anders Martinson)

Movement III (tie): EVAN EPSTEIN, age 14
(student of Rufus Choi)

Senior Division
ages 18 & under; grade 12 or lower(as of February 1, 2014)
SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto in a minor, Op. 54

Movement I: AMBER SUK, age 16
(student of Rufus Choi)

(student of Rufus Choi)

Movement III (guest performer): MICHAEL CHUNG, age 16
(student of Dr. Deborah H. How)

Movement III (guest performer): MATTHEW TSO, age 16
(student of Yin Yin Huang)

Edward Francis
Sharon Townsend Roth
Dr. Ivan Shulman

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